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Spilt Dataset

When building a machine learning model, it is common to split your data into three subsets:

  1. Training set: The majority of your data (typically 60-80%) that is used to train your model. Your model learns from the training data by finding patterns and correlations to understand the relationship between the input and output.

  2. Validation set: A portion of your data (typically 10-20%) that is used to evaluate your model during training. After each epoch or iteration of training, you test your model on the validation set to check its performance. You then tweak or retrain your model as needed to improve validation accuracy.

  3. Test set: A portion of your data (typically 10-20%) that is held out and not used during training at all. It is only used at the very end, to test your final trained model. Performance on the test set determines how well your model can generalize to new data.

The split between training, validation and test sets is typically:

  • Training set: 60-80% of your data

  • Validation set: 10-20% of your data

  • Test set: 10-20% of your data

Dataset Overall

Find it in Dataset -> Overall, some statistics about the dataset can be seen:

  • Total number of files;

  • Total number of results;

  • Data annotation progress

  • Distribution histogram by class or classification

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