V 0.7

New LLM Text Annotation

Release v0.7.2

Release v0.7.2 (Oct 09 2023)

  1. Fixed the issue of missing Class in image object detection model;

  2. Fixed the abnormal login status issue of the point cloud tool;

  3. Optimized document.

Release v0.7.1

Release v0.7.2 (May 05 2023)

  1. Fixed the problem of exporting no class after importing class;

  2. Fixed the problem that the MinIO pre-signed address check fails;

  3. Fixed the problem that Chinese characters appear in the url;

  4. Fixed data result and add classID;

  5. Fixed text-dataset load bug;

  6. Fixed upload by url.

Release v0.7.0

Release v0.7.0 (April 28 2023)

What's new?

Multiple rounds of dialogues annotation refer to the process of annotating a conversation between two or more parties through multiple iterations or rounds of annotation. In this process, after annotating each round of dialogue, the annotations are reviewed and corrected if necessary before proceeding to the next round of annotation.

Text annotation for LLM

  • Add new data category - Text is support;

  • Allow user to upload text datasets;

  • New thumbnails and UI styles;

  • Support to import and export data in the required format

  • Sample dataset:

{ "id": "6f1d0711", "parentId": null, "text": "Hi!", "role": "prompter" }
{ "id": "4a24530b", "parentId": "6f1d0711", "text": "Hello! How can I help you?", "role": "assistant" }
{ "id": "a8c01c04", "parentId": "4a24530b", "text": "Do you have a recipe for potato soup?", "role": "prompter"   }
{ "id": "f43a93b7", "parentId": "4a24530b", "text": "Who were the 8 presidents before George Washington?", "role": "prompter" }
{ "id": "c886920", "parentId": "6f1d0711", "text": "Hey buddy! How can I serve you?", "role": "assistant" }
{ "id": "cec432cf", "parentId": null, "text": "euirdteunvglfe23908230892309832098 AAAAAAAA", "role": "prompter" }
{ "id": "4f85f637", "parentId": "cec432cf", "text": "Sorry, I did not understand your request and it is unclear to me what you want me to do. Could you describe it in a different way?", "role": "assistant" }
{ "id": "0e276b98", "parentId": "cec432cf", "text": "I'm unsure how to interpret this. Is it a riddle?", "role": "assistant" }
{ "id": "89384709", "parentId": "0e276b98", "text": "No, I just wanted to see how you reply when I type random characters. Can you tell me who invented Wikipedia?", "role": "prompter" }
{ "id": "6d452c57", "parentId": "0e276b98", "text": "Sorry, my cat sat on my keyboard. Can you print a cat in ASCII art?", "role": "prompter" }
LLM text annotation dataset structure
├── test
│   ├── 00.json

This is still an early version of text annotation for LLM.

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