V 0.5.5

Release date: Dec 24 2022
Xtreme1 v0.5.5 is released with New Ontology Center and 3D Data Visualization Features.

New feature


  • Add preview annotation objects feature
  • Support Coco format upload/export
  • Add scenario Search by classes
  • Add scenario search filter by classifications
  • Add Dataset Overview page Add Similarity Map


  • Support CRUD Class & Classifications
  • Support to save to ontology center
  • Support copy from ontology center Support to import/export Json

Ontology Center

  • Add scenario search feature
  • Support to CRUD Ontology
  • Support to CRUD Classes & Classifications (including Push to all)
  • Support to import/export Json


  • Support API
  • Add API page
  • Add API docs


  • Changed Output format
  • Changed Xtreme1 Logo
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