Quick Start

You have just learned the basics of Xtreme1 and now it is the time to install it. Standard Docker image installation enables all major features of Xtreme1 and is the recommended installation for the most users.

System requirements

You can install Xtreme1 on a Linux, Windows, or MacOSX machine.​​

Download package

Download the latest release package (v0.7.2 is the latest version) and unzip it. Or using the following command:
unzip -d xtreme1-v0.7.2

Start all services

Enter into the release package directory, and execute the following command to start all services. It needs a few minutes to initialize database and prepare a test dataset.
If everything shows OK in the console, you can visit http://localhost:8190in your browser (Google Chrome is recommended) to try out Xtreme1. You can replace localhost to IP address if you want to access from another computer.
docker compose up
3D Point Cloud Annotation Interface

Install built-in models

# You need to explicitly specify a model profile to enable model services
docker compose --profile model up
If you face additional issues, please let us know.